Open House GyRa

On Saturday, the 20th of January 2018, there was an Open House at Gymnasium Rahlstedt. Ms Ommler and the German student team used the opportunity to spread the word about our Erasmus+ project. YEAH!

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YEAH! First Project Meeting in Hamburg

On Sunday, the 19th of November 2017, the teams from Latvia, Spain and Portugal arrived at Hamburg Airport, where the students were picked up by their host families, who were waiting in gleeful anticipation.
The following day started with a welcome speech by the head teacher of Gymnasium Rahlstedt, Mr Frankenfeld. After that, we – the students – did a couple of activities to get to know each other, we even learned the “Hokey Cokey”.


Before lunch the German team tried to teach their exchange students some German phrases, resulting in some very funny role plays and dialogues. After lunch we shared our evaluations of the survey about Europe that we put online.
In the evening everyone – students and teachers – returned to school for a little get-together, sharing some self-made food & stories, and even having a dance party, dancing limbo and singing songs together. Leer más “YEAH! First Project Meeting in Hamburg”

Information about Logroño (La Rioja)

Watch this vídeo:


Logroño is a municipality in the north of Spain and the capital city of the autonomous region and province of La Rioja. It is also the region’s most populated town (almost half of region lives here) and its financial, cultural and service centre. The River Ebro crosses Logroño and the town has  historically been place where paths cross, such as The Way of St. James.

The town’s borders have also been disputed and were fought over by the ancient kingdoms of the Iberian Peninsula during the Middle Ages. The town’s population has increased slowly, but significantly, during the last century in comparison to neighbouring towns. This has mainly been due to the migration of people from other districts in the region. In 2012 it was the Spanish food capital.


These are the distances to other Spanish cities from Logroño: Madrid 334 km; Bilbao 124 km; Zaragoza 170 km; Pamplona 90 km; Burgos 111 km; Barcelona 468 km.

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